Special assistance

You need special assistance?


If such is the case, please make sure to inform your travel agent* at the time of booking. The agent will provide us with the required informed at least 72 hours prior to departure (96 hours for electrical wheel-chairs with wet-cell batteries). This is the required timeframe to inform airport authorities who will provide you quality service so that you can enjoy your journey with as little inconvenience as possible. If the required information is not provided on time, airport authorities will do their utmost to ensure your well-being but cannot guarantee it.


In order to best meet your needs, please check–in at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. If you use a wheel-chair, please indicate at the time of your booking:


  • The type of wheel-chair (electric powered, manually powered, collapsible/non collapsible)
  • Its weight and full dimensions when collapsed (length x width x height)
  • Type of batteries for battery powered wheel-chairs (wet-cell or dry-cell batteries)

Your wheel-chair will be transported free of charge.


If you are visually or hearing impaired and you wish to travel with your sightseeing dog, the service animal will be allowed to sit with you in the cabin free of charge (provided customs and sanitary regulations are met). Nonetheless, the service animal will have to be harnessed, muzzled and on a leash.


If you are injured and travelling with a cast, please inform ASL Airlines France at least 48h before the flight departure.


Because of pressure onboard, the cast needs to be split (you should ask the hospital or the clinic to do this prior to the flight).


It would help if you were in possession of a medical certificate attesting to its airworthiness.


If you are a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility, or if you have special medical needs or requirements, you should bring the relevant prescriptions or medical certificates with you when you pass through airport checkpoints.


*If you purchased your ticket through our website, please contact our company:

. If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent or online, it is to them that you have to address your requests for information, special assistance or complaint.