Sustainable Development


ASL Airlines France’s signature «Planes for people» (Des Avions au service des Hommes) reflects both the human dimension of the company and its vision of the air transport. Its activity has an essential mission in itself: that of connecting men and women to contribute to the economic and cultural development of individuals and Peoples. This signature has become an act of faith that still profoundly orientates the company’s strategy, particularly in terms of sustainable development.


In particular, the company’s environmental policy covers 5 areas:


  • Noise emissions
  • Gaseous emissions
  • Waste
  • Energies
  • Water


Noise abatement


Our Company is involved in all work that is carried out with the services of Civil Aviation to reduce the noise impact of its activity (continuous descent operations, take-offs from the ends of the runway, downwind procedures…) and is present in the various bodies for consultation with local residents and local authorities on the French airports.


Thanks to various modifications and the installation of acoustic panels engines throughout its fleet, our Company has the B737s the most powerful engines in the less noisy available on the market, perfectly adapted for its night activity..


Reduction of exhaust emissions


Waste handling


ASL Airlines France is associated with major partners, both for the collection and treatment of industrial waste inherent to its activity, and for the selective sorting of paper and cardboard.


Other shares


  • Green” printing policy: vegetable-based ink and paper from ecologically and
    sustainably managed forests
  • Dematerialization
  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Removal of plastic on board

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