Our quality of service

B737-700 ASLF

Strengthen and maintain a high quality of service to our customers is the permanent objective of ASL AIRLINES FRANCE.

Regularity, punctuality, hospitality, comfort… Our indicators, such as our satisfaction surveys, show that quality of service is the core target of our Company!

Regularity and punctuality: excellent results!

Our service quality results in Regularity and Punctuality rates that are among the highest in the market.




Satisfaction surveys: excellent results too!

To maintain a high level of service quality, we conduct a satisfaction survey for each passenger flight.

This survey assesses the level of passenger satisfaction of the quality of service offered by our company before, during and after a flight.

The analysis we make helps us to define the areas for improvement.

A worthwhile quality approach, since with 98.37% of satisfaction and an overall rating of 8.24/10 on a sample of 4,036 passengers, the results obtained in 2016 are excellent once again!