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Flights Dublin and Paris from Halifax

Tempus fugit: your direct flight to Halfix wasting no time.

From Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, get your plane ticket to Halifax and take-off for Nova Scotia! With its fishing village of 200 at Fisherman's Cove, its welcoming inhabitants and its great beaches, this is a delightful land where nature still reigns surpreme. You can't miss the famous clock tower which overlooks the city centre from the citadel of Halifax taking you back in time. Continue your journey with a stroll through the harbour of Halifax and its waterfront where the temperature climbs thanks to the many events that take place there. Stroll through its Victorian-style public gardens. Visit historic places like the Citadel where you can even become a soldier for a day. Go further afield, to New Brunswick, located in Atlantic Canada, where you can see whales and kayak in the Bay of Fundy. Whatever the season, Halifax is constantly defying time. Enjoy the pleasure of extending the experience to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, its French neighbour. All this is within reach, you just need a plane ticket to Halifax to discover it.

Flights to Dublin: Take a breath of fresh Eire.

In Dublin, "pub culture" often combines with popular culture. From the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, head off on a flight to Dublin! When there, start your exploring with a pub crawl. There's no better place to soak up some Irish culture than the Temple Bar area, especially on the famous Saint Patrick's Day. Take the experience even further by visiting the essential Guinness Store in Dublin. Located in the St James Gate brewery, this museum immerses you in the history of the famous beer. You can then sample some, in the glass atrium, with a breathtaking view of Dublin and its houses with their vividly coloured front doors. If you still haven't drunk your fill of Dublin, there are many more options available to you. Quench your thirst for literary culture with the Dublin Writers Museum or the Old Library. Become intoxicated with the Georgian architecture on Merrion Street. The workshop of Francis Bacon, on Parnell Square, immerses you in the creativity of an exceptional 20th century painter. In the Liberties area, soak up a wonderful history lesson at the Kilmainham Jail where historic Irish figures were detained. Do you have your ticket to Dublin? Cheers!<

Direct flight between Halifax and Paris: A journey to the heart of the city which shines night and day.

Head off to the fashion capital with a ticket to Paris. In Paris, allow yourself to be won over by the effervescence of the most beautiful city in the world. Beyond the essential visits to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, the City of Light is teaming with places and events which will quite simply bring your dreams to life. Start on the legendary Avenue des Champs-Elysees, the most beautiful avenue in the world. Head off for a poetic trip along the banks of the Seine on a bateaux-mouche riverboat trip. Escape in the streets of Montmartre and soak up the atmosphere of "Old Paris" celebrated by the famous Amélie. Immerse yourself in the experience and discover French gastronomy in Paris, with gourmet breaks in the numerous restaurants and bars of Paris which abound in the city. From the Pont-Neuf to the banks of the Seine, and the legendary concert halls like Olympia, experience French culture in all its forms thanks to your plane ticket to Paris.


Discovering Halifax

Halifax is eastern Canada’s most populated hub. Sitting at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this dynamic and charming Maritime city boasts the second largest harbour in the world. Chances are you will hear the fiddle being played along the extensive waterfront boardwalk that winds its way towards the Seaport Market, the oldest in North America. The smell of the salty air and fresh seafood from the local vendors is sure to temp your palette. Meander Halifax’s historic city streets like Argyle, with its array of pubs and bustling live music scene. Don’t miss Citadel Hill, an iconic image within Halifax. This commanding walled fortress is surrounded by grassy fields and offers stunning views of the city and harbour. Halifax played a pivotal role in the Titanic’s tragic demise, and you can learn all about it when you visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Halifax is a small city with a big heart that will keep you wanting to return again and again.



Das legendäre Marine Schulschiff Gorck Fock II


clock tower

Discovering Dublin

Dublin is an energetic city filled with an infectious flare that leaves you wanting more! A welcoming nightlife scene beckons tourists to the Temple Bar area, which is lined with pubs. It’s where a pint of Guinness or a shot of Irish whiskey accompanied by some friendly Irish banter is the way to go. In Gaelic, “Fáilte” means welcome, and that’s just the way you’ll feel when visiting Dublin. You may even want to partake in what’s called a Trad session of Irish music. Dublin is a city where literary greats like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde drew their inspiration, perhaps while sauntering alongside the River Liffey. There is never a dull moment in Dublin, with entertainment ranging from festivals to concerts and the nightlife scene. Stroll the cobblestone streets while gazing at the Georgian architecture that conjures up images of history past. The Irish spirit is certain to not disappoint.




The Temple Bar – Dublin Irleand


Malahide Castle Dublin Ireland

Discovering Paris

Paris is the elusive friend you wish you could hang out all day with. It’s a city synonymous with so many things, emanating an air of classic beauty at every turn. The iconic Eiffel Tower stands tall above the city of love in its entire splendor. Decadent French pastries like “crème brûlée” and sumptuous cuisine can be found at every turn, enticing you to awaken your sense of culinary adventure. You will be left breathless by how much there is to see and do. Hemingway wrote “A Moveable Feast” about his time in the city during the 1920s.  Coco Chanel designed and housed her famous fashions in Paris. There was even a time when you could see Monet and Picasso walking the historic streets of Montmartre, a must-visit part of the city.

The Louvre (once a royal residence) is a 220-year-old art museum that is home to the Mona Lisa and the works of Michelangelo, among thousands of others. One of the oldest buildings to see from a cruise along the River Seine is the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the 12th century and revered around the world to this day. Paris is bound to leave an indelible impression.



Arc de triomphe Paris city at sunset


Pont Alexandre

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The Canadian government has set up the electronic travel authorization (ETA). Except for Canadian nationals, all passengers must obtain a visa before entering Canadian territory. More information about eTA.

Flight schedule

ASL Airlines France operates to Halifax from  Paris CDG and Dublin, from Wednesday June 28th until Thursday August 31th 2017, on Wednesdays.





Our aircraft is configured in two classes: ECONOMY and PREMIUM ECONOMY.



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Classy In-Air Service Starts with ASL Airlines France
For many, flying involves extra expenses on top of your ticket cost. ASL Airlines France harkens back to a time when flying was a joy, a classy experience when everything was included. That’s why while on board your overseas flight you can expect complimentary French-inspired meals (cheese included), an array of top-notch French wines from superb regions in France in both Economy and Premium Economy Class. In addition, ASL Airlines France Premium Economy offers in-flight service with real silverware, a broader selection of complementary wine, allowing passengers to experience superior service while on board.

In Flight Entertainment

When traveling overseas comfort is key, so sit back and enjoy a fabulous selection of great music and new movie releases in all genres. It’s perfect for you or your family’s entertainment while on board. Samsung Galaxy Tabs are provided for free in Premium Economy with a choice of movies, documentaries, games and magazines. Economy passengers could rent one if needed. Free headphones are provided on ASL Airlines France overseas flights.


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  • From France, from 679€ return taxes included
  • From Ireland, from 329€ one way taxes included
  • From Canada, from 899$ CAD return, taxes included to France and from 797$ CAD return, taxes included to Ireland.


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